How Do You Sleep At Night? 
I contracted at the district. The general lack of ethics was joked about constantly.

The three midgets that run the IT department in descending order:

a-The idiot who came highly recommended by a senior staff member (Deputy)
b-The Spineless One (Unit Manager)
c-The Sociopath (Help Desk Supervisor)

These three abusive A**HOLES should be investigated!!!!

They are just as guilty as ANYONE at the district. I’m sure everyone is more concerned with the CEO and the larger, more exposed issues at hand. But these “men”, probably handle quite a bit of the taxpayer dollars, and they, in turn, should be looked at as a department. They should be investigated for prejudice, impartial treatment of employees, nepotism, racism, falsifying documents, destroying evidence in the form of e-mails and documents, and in general: MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR PEOPLE TO PUT IN A LEGITIMATE 8 HOURS AND GET…

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