Ebola: Sandy Hooked Again?

Stuffed ebola

Stuffed ebola (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Below you will find an article seemingly so wild that you may question the sanity of the writer,Amaterasu Solar. She’s really sane, more than most of us. But she has done her research with open eyes, not trusting anyone else. Only her eyes, ears and experience. There is so much info out there, surrounding theEbolahype with the biggest of question marks. You should read the article below for what it is, one possible answer of several. But whatever you do, don’t fall for the fear virus they obviously want to contaminate us with. This virus is far more dangerous and contagious than Ebola ever has been! (Editor State of Globe)

Today We are told of a horrible new disease spreading across the globe: Ebola!!! But when examining the evidence, there really isn’t any. Take the footage They show Us…

A man, rolling about in front of a makeshift “clinic” (We know it’s a clinic because there is a banner tacked sloppily to the wall saying it is) “obviously” sick and unable to do anything but lie there moaning. Yet later in the footage He is sitting up, just inside the camera view, and looking well and aware. And then a camera follows the “father” who has been spouting about being turned down at all the clinics and otherwise bemoaning the “ebola plight.” He carries a wad of cash, as if He has just been paid for a performance.

A naked boy, quite healthy-looking, walks through a gate to a sheet laid out on the ground and lies down. He is reported as one of the “dead…”

A plane opens its door and an isolation bed is handed out to two waiting men in the head-to-toe protection by People, not by People in any protective gear, but by men in military uniform. The two “protected” men pull the isolation chamber onto the elevating platform They are on, and it drops down (why only two? Protocol is for four People on such medical transfers). At the bottom are other waiting men, and We see anambulancearrive. One of the men salutes the ambulance. Huh? When do ambulance drivers merit a salute? Two men remove the chamber from the lift and roll it to the ambulance (again, two?), pushing it in. It is hard to make a case that there is anyOne actually in that chamber. And then, a whole line of vehicles leaves with the ambulance like a presidential parade…

Nowhere do We see rows and rows of beds, filled with obviously sick patients. Nowhere do We see efforts by the People around these “victims” trying to cover Their airways and avoid contact with these “sick” People. Except for the “workers” the “sick” are being taken to – They are all covered head to foot.

Initially, the word went out that “ebola” requires direct contact with bodily fluids to spread. And that the fluids also must contact mucus membranes or open wounds. People who have studied the virus for 20 years have said this. But then…conveniently…”ebola” mutates! It’s “airborne!!!” OMG!

No effort is made to contain this “disease,” as People are brought to the US and other countries – as if there really is no threat, but scapegoats are needed to create the idea that “ebola” has come to a hospital near You. We are told that some patients died, and others lived… We are told that case after case is springing up around the hospitals these People went to. But there is no evidence except that We are told a test (that really is useless – read Jon Rappaport’s blog to see why) “proved” it was “ebola.” A nurse, who reminds Me of a crisis actor, is interviewed about failures in protocol…

There are other pieces that point to a psyop. Like the choice to put a lobbyist in as the “ebola czar” (WTF!?! No doubt HE can sell this “outbreak”) and a sudden increase in all the usual outlets of articles extolling the “virtues” of vaccines – which, if researched, prove to be damaging (toxic ingredients injected into the bloodstream just can’t be good!) and often cause the disease they are supposed to protect against.

And then there are the reports out of Africa… A claim of a man paid to put formaldehyde in awater supplyexplaining that drinking the tainted water will produce “ebola-like” symptoms and death. The locals in the outbreak areas are connecting the disease to vaccinations from theRed Cross. Others are saying there is no “ebola outbreak” but that the idea is to get boots on the ground to secure oil and put down strikes at diamond mines – which makes much more sense that fighting “ebola” with soldiers and guns…

And all these companies creating “ebola” vaccines. The money They stand to make on this if We accept such nasty concoctions is staggering. And all They have to do is keep up the pretense of the evil virus infecting People long enough to get a few vaccinated, who will then actually get the virus from the jab. It will be claimed that They were already infected and the vaccine came too late – so better get Yours NOW!!! Before it’s too late for YOU!

The fact thatFEMAcoffins were stacked around the US years ago also suggests that They had this all planned. “Oh, look! We have all these People dying! How CONVENIENT that We have coffins to deal withThem!

A “state of emergency” was declared in the state that brought Us Sandy Hook… With ZERO cases of “ebola” reported. Does this not strike You as odd? My assessment? This fear porn the media is spouting (the same media that assured Us of the veracity ofSandy Hook– which research shows was anything but a real event, manufactured to justify removing Our right to defend ourselves) is an effort to get Us to voluntarily roll up Our sleeves and take the (deadly) jab. Failing that, it will be used to justify forcing Us to do so.

And it gives the perfect excuse to then suspend what’s left of the tatters of freedom, perObama’s (the puppet) convenient executive orders that will install Him as dictator in the event of any “emergency,” manufactured or not.

The fact that Obama is CEO of the corporation of THEUNITED STATES, created in 1871, when the first “executive order” was made (there is no provision for such a destruction of the balance of power the founding Individuals worked so hard to put in place in the original US Constitution) is irrelevant, I’m sure… Heh.

And meanwhile, some areas where this “uber-dangerous” virus was reported are saying that it is no longer there (corporate bio-weapon labs nearby not withstanding).

We are being Sandy Hooked all over again. And this time it is not for Our guns…it’s for Our lives.

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Read Morehttp://stateofglobe.com/2014/10/21/ebola-sandy-hooked-again/


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