Ravi scvwd boardroom upgrade

The Golden Spigot – aka, the Santa Clara Valley Water District — has not reformed its ways: http://t.co/fx6yNK0n

— Scott Herhold (@ScottHerhold) August 17, 2012





only equipment racks are that old everything else is state of the art , or would be if not ordered to not repair(GK), replace or touch things,(GK) the oldest items no more than 6yrs yrs old,,, the amplifiers, which do the same job today as 17yrs ago, VC, was new until told to take it out and taken home, now they want another.. last 10yrs over 100-150k in upgrades, 20k-30k in new items waiting to be installed but told don’t touch a thing have emails etc , they say it will cost 250k during a water drought, but that does not count scvwd staff, electrical, woodwork, concrete, that adds another 500k which is not being disclosed. this is why they call scvwd the golden palace the boardroom is not a BR but a church, they built a shrine not a usable room, equipment is and will not…

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