‘One In Five Chance Ebola Spreads To U.S. By End Of September

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‘One In Five Chance’ Ebola Spreads To U.S. By End Of September


According to a September 10, 2014 article on the website MedicalNewsNet (MNT), written by David McNamee, “there is a one-in-five chance that the Ebola outbreak will spread to the United States by the end of this month (September).” Writing in a journal, PLOS Currents, “a team of medical experts,” Mr. McNamee writes, “claim it is likely that the Ebola outbreak (not just transferred patients) will spread to the U.S. and a twenty percent chance of getting here as soon as the end of this month.” However, these same experts, Mr. McNamee writes, “expect the U.S. health care system to halt any spread of the virus in the U.S.; and, expect any such outbreak to be limited in duration and scope. The researchers added that “as the outbreak affects more metropolitan areas with international airports, — such as…

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