“Ukraine – a rehearsal for the union of liberals and neo-Nazis in Europe.” 28/05/14


Translated by Maria Razdiak
Edited by S. Naylor


Fursov A. I. is a political historian, sociologist, and Head of Department at
Moscow State University (MGU)
The Anglo-Saxons continue to support Ukraine, hoping to grow out of her neo-Nazi state, the new Third Reich. They also let in Russia, as Hitler incited them against the Soviet Union in the middle of the last century. This, of course, the controversial hypothesis that many today do not dare to voice. What is the West trying to accomplish with Ukraine? Our resident expert historian Andrew FURSOV believes that the main task of the West – is the destabilization of the whole of Eurasia. But after the “Crimean Victoria,” says FURSOV, Russia is experiencing withdrawal from the area of ​​historical defeats. After the most important victory of the 20th century, our win over the German fascists, are we facing a new Third Reich we have to fight later…

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