New findings suggest Malaysian Airlines MH17 was shot down by Ukraine SU-25 fighter-jets.

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”Reader-comments to my July 31st article, First Examination of Malaysian MH-17 Cockpit Photo Shows Ukraine Government Shot that Plane Down,have provided links and leads to independent additional confirmatory evidence, to such an extent that I now feel confident enough to say that the evidence on this matter is, indeed, ’conclusive’.” / Eric Zuesse, in: Evidence Is Now Conclusive: 2 Ukrainian Government SU-25 Fighter-Jets Did Shoot Down that Malaysian Airliner. No ‘Buk’ Missile Ground-Shot Was Involved., 2 August 2014.

Breaking: A Malaysia main paper reports on US-experts’ findings which indicate the MH17 was downed by an air-to-air missile attack, finished by cannon fire. Malaysia asking, Did Ukraine Military Do It? Click on link  for the full article “US analysts conclude MH17 downed by aircraft“.


A followed story based in the cited experts findings, in link below:

MH17 Brought Down by Air-to-Air Missile, Finished Off by…

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