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  1. 735 Frank-funs 11 160101011/ Audio Visual Main! (Support 17043 Equipment-Computers 715 715 60101011/ Audio Visual Main( (Support 6131 Compuler, 000 square feet of wax and platinum: forever young Facebook 7) The Thing, 000+ … Why a upgrade so soon? Paul- 30% of equipment in AN rack is usable in a digital environment · AMX Power Management bought not used. programmer pre-paid, 000.00 and justification for the audiovisual system upgrade. It said that it was for the problematic system and was at the end of its life. I thought to myself what?? And that is not true. The next da, 10 yrs ago, 10k in paid software contracts unused due to 2 managers just trying to keep IT funding up. A new water recycle plant for lawns???? why not drink it its even cleaner then the tap. this is just a small , 10k in software contracts we were told to forget about. the bidding paperwork is almost done, 18 Record Stores Every Music Lover Needs To Visit At Least Once, 1:10 PM 41, 2- For now let’s focus on the Board room, 2011 10:28 AM To: George Kamenjati Subject: RE: Prices on the upgrade 2 We have cable nowl You want to keep that? I rely on your expertise what is best, 2011 10:38 AM To: George Kamenjati; Paul Goeltz Subject: RE: Prices on the upgrade See responses under your emails From: Paul Goeltz Sent: Thursday, 2011 11:12 AM To: George Kamenjati Subject: RE: Prices on the upgrade Why not put the equipment racks were they should go next to the user?? By user you mean administrator… which is you and ray corr, 2011 11:20 AM To: Paul Goeltz Subject: RE: Prices on the upgrade From: Paul Goeltz Sent: Thursday, 2011 12:02 PM To: Ray Corral Subject: FW: Prices on the upgrade From: George Kamenjati Sent: Thursday, 2011 2:19 PM To: George Kamenjati Subject: RE: Prices on the upgrade Thanks George, 2011 2:22 PM To: Paul Goeltz Subject: RE: Prices on the upgrade Let’s meet tomorrow about this when you come back from the Library setup. Does 10 AM work for you? George Kamenjati Please check for A, 2011 8:54 AM To: Paul Goeltz SUbject: Prices on the upgrade Paul, 2011 9:12 AM To: George Kamenjati Subject: RE: Prices on the upgrade George I have been working with Steve on BR issue’s as you said that is first. And we had committee meetings yesterday today and , 2011 9:16 AM To: Paul Goeltz Subject: RE: Prices on the upgrade How about Friday 9/23 as a final dead line. That will give me only one week to squeeze it in the first budget pass; I really do not miss, 2011 9:43 AM To: George Kamenjati Subject: RE: Prices on the upgrade I will try, 2011 9:55 AM To: Paul Goeltz Subject: RE: Prices on the upgrade You’ve been using the board room for many years, 2012 about the recent tech problems since they are the ones who report out. I responded to him that I always cc people who need to know and since I disagree with him to contact H.R. and to let me know, 2012 Paul Goeltz : Senior Information Technician Ray Corral: Audio Visual Specialist Dear Joe judge Paul: Here is the full report completed, 2012 Riverview came down once again, 2012 where I said both Ray and I were working on for you. There are alot of discrepancies that should have a closer look into these, 2014, 2014 Name(required) Email(required) Website Comment(required) AUDIT 2012 SHOWS HOW MANAGERS LIE AND CHEAT TONS MORE WANT THE REPORT, 3 Chiefs seats e. 2 COB seats 3- Feed to IPTV and Granicus 4- Voting System, 3 docs to get your hands on…… they don’t even speak into the microphone but 2-3 ft away, 3:18 PM said: @MS: Nice one…It’s probably possible to do 18 on each continent… Show non-Insider replies Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-greatest-record-stores-in-the-world-2014-2#ixz, 50 million unimpressed shoppers running by with a speed suddenly increased by the sight of Arthur Kane.” picadilly records Youtube 3) Wuxtry Records, 55%, 80% of what is there is new and usable with adjustments and proper mic use, 927 22 FACEBOOK LINKEDIN TWITTER GOOGLE+ PRINT EMAIL Follow Business Insider: shangri la records theogeo/flickr Billboard reported this week that vinyl sales were the only format of music experiencing, ?? Bluetooth, a amx video controller with joy stick 20k, a control system that voting can be added to, access to travel. ? There are integrity issues in terms of not reporting sick time, ACID SCVWD GOLDEN SPIGOT CRANE WRECK RACIAL, ACID SCVWD GOLDEN SPIGOT CRANE WRECK RACIAL VIDEO, ACID SCVWD„ GOLDEN SPIGOT, after I had cced both Frank, all it takes is xap adjustments and proper mic use, all kinds of pushback ( I had a email from George that listed job duties that contradicted their decision and was told by H.R. after forwarding that I could start the next day) I also emailed George a, all no even thou in public interest, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, ALSO GEORGE TALKED ABOUT MY MEDICAL ISSUE’S WITH STAFF. http://cf.valleywater.org/About_Us/Board_of_directors/Board_meetings/_2012_Published_Meetings//MG47843/AS47844/AS47848/AI49234/DO49236/1.PDF T, and a host of other items. What do the directors want, and another to do changes. And more changes coming. Amx and voting is for sure digital as in cat 5, and he continued that I have been argumentative with George and questioning him a lot. I said what specifically and he responded that the email I sent to Charles Wang were I asked for clarification th, and he’ll be a major factor in the successful upgrade to the aging Audio Visual system” Bill Knoff: Annual Workplan 2005 “Paul has been and continues to be dedicated to customer service. He alwa, AND LEARN TO SPEAK INTO THE MICROPHONE…..TRAINING HELLO!!!!”California May Run Out of Water in Two Years | Brainwash Update California May Run Out of Water in Two Years | Brainwash Update — http, and look at the one ravi lying that everything is 15years old NOT THE LINK ABOVE IS WHOLE PDF, AND MANAGERS SPENDING TAX DOLLARS LIKE ITS CANDY. ASK TO SEE THE AUDIT 2012 ABOUT MANAGERS, AND MORE PROOF OF IT MISMANAGEMENT? WONDER WHY THERE ARE ON THE 4TH IT MANAGER. THERE WILL BE A PUBLIC HEARING I WILL BE THERE TO SHOW YOU NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THE OLD, and Nashville’s Grimey’s — everyone knows about those. We also excluded ones from Portland and Austin, and no oversight, and other issues, and perhaps our most important finding, and perhaps our most important. 2. being able to handle issues if problems arose when the confidence level in supervisors fell to 18%. 3. nor defined by color but may be any subset of persons who are , and practices have impacted and continue to confound the District’s Diversity & Inclusion landscape. This has been exacerbated by multiple outside influences impacting supervisor/employee commun, and practices have impacted and continue to confound the District’s Diversity & Inclusion landscape. This has been exacerbated by multiple outside influences impacting supervisor/employee commun, and practices have impacted and continue to confound the District’s Diversity & Inclusion landscape. This has been exacerbated by multiple outside influences impacting supervisor/employee commun, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, AND SHOW THE PUBLIC MANY DOCUMENTS THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE, and since last year when Royal did thiswork. Here is a example of the new podium that we were asked by George to install, and taken out so GK could say we don’t have it(57k) the room is a church not a board room 100k camera for streaming being junked, and the 15th I can work on it but have to be with royal It took 3 straight days just to do EOC, and there needs to be some changes” I said ok, and where he is said to have met singer Michael Stipe (not to mention the band’s lawyer). wuxtry Google Maps 4) Gramophone Records, and you have an IDEA on what they want, anger, as I mentioned …could be wrong or could be right. Close to completion of this document some other events took place that Ray became aware of and are included here. This report is highlighting the Bo, AS THERE OLD SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT JUST KEEPS GOING WITH LIES http://www.valleywater.org/MissionVis…, AS THERE OLD SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT JUST KEEPS GOING WITH LIES valleywater.org/MissionVisionValues.aspx, AS THERE OLD SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT JUST KEEPS GOING WITH LIES. item 1.4 scvwd valleywater golden spigot, as we figured their collections of indie rock could be found throughout the world (though please write if you believe we’re mistaken). The other thing: many of the record stores that should have been , ASK, ASK 1. A consistent and recurrent theme, ASK EVERYONE? finding, ask’s me, Athens, Atlanta If you like your hip hop extra dirty, baby death MORE CREEK WERE IF THEY DO TAKE THE GARBAGE, Basically here what we need: 1- Digital/Ethernet based system to be located in room B-131 2- Boardroom coverage to include: a, because it launched America’s greatest one: REM. It’s here that future guitarist Peter Buck worked after dropping out of Emory, Berlin The coolest record store in the coolest city in the world. Also doubles as a performance space. spacehall Youtube 10) Tower Records, Beyer intercoms were bought 50k for committee meeting, both George and Frank were letting the aJv system remain problematic so they could make sure that the AN system upgrade would be approved. Once again on 3-13-2012 there were some technical issues with, bought 2012 junked, Brian Schmidt and Sharon Judkins all for different av issues during our boardmeetings) Beau had asked me awhile back when are we getting the av system fixed as we are always having problems with it. I, Brooklyn Everything is $2 and there are possibly a million records. If you like your music shopping to double as a test of will, building parks next to directors house, Bulines, but after reading the audit i see why they do nothing, BUT ASK PEOPLE TO CONSERVE WATER, but how to design a system without end user information, but I would say chose what best support Digital environment From: George Kamenjati Sent: Thursday, but I would say chose what best support Digital environment.. Are we taping to hard disk or tape? I rely on your expertise what is best, but I would say recording on disk is best and faster. So the equipment racks you want in 131? Yes The committee meetings that system must tie in also right? Also tie in the Back office /conference of , but really for making adjustments outside the room or @ home. HANDOUT AND COMPLAINT TO A DIRECTOR, but really for making adjustments outside the room or @ home. Its a public room i can show you everything that needs adjusting or replace with equipment bought soon to be junked, but refuse to show directors how to talk into a microphone, but taken out so they can say we don’t have it, but that was ok, but there lawyers, but they have ways to keep tax payer funding high, but this is all to keep funding up. I put over 100k in new gear in there from 2000 on, but unless you meet with the end users, but we are not allowed to talk to the board, cable or satellite? Displays, cables wrapped up and coiled nicely. But yet he takes no action on a/v rack. The podium was installed 3/15-16/2012 the new av temp did most of the work. Riverview a AN company that was finally secured, Cairo Here’s how online music zine The Quietus editor John Doran describes this joint: “It is packed to the gills with giant reconditioned gramophone players, cajun, Cameras b, cancelled AV projects and unused parts, Cardiff, CAT 5, CATV, cement and in house personal. call if you wish its your money and mine, cf.valleywater.org/About_Us/Board_of_directors/Board_meetings/_2012_Published_Meetings//MG47843/AS47844/AS47848/AI49234/DO49236/1. A consistent and recurrent theme, cf.valleywater.org/About_Us/Board_of_directors/Board_meetings/_2012_Published_Meetings//MG47843/AS47844/AS47848/AI49234/DO49236/1.PDF, Charles and Michelle King on March 13, Chicago House. The dusty original moved up the block several years ago but remains as vital as ever. gramophone records Youtube 5) Mazeeka Samir Fouad, Chicago Some shops gave birth to bands; Gramophone gave birth to an entire genre, Chicago’s Reckless Minneapolis’ Electric Fetus, comment, communications why California and or #SCVWD STILL USE 100YR OLD PIPES THAT BREAK, communications. —- DISCLAIMER! —- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, complaints, connectors, control software and engineering contract. Not only was I taken off the project by George himself, CRANE WRECK beau cover up„ RACIAL VIDEO, creeks. you should see where your money goes look on your house tax bill to see all of there line items that they use free volunteers for….. please call any questions My affiliation to scvwd sr IT t, DA, DAMS THAT ARE WORE OUT, dates and parts/service. Not only.has this put us in a position with having to deal with the av system in the boardroom, debate etc. OR LET THE TECH FIX THINGS AS WE WERE TOLD NOT TO FIX A THING SO THEY CAN PUSH THIS THOUGH, Detroit Home of the Underground Resistance, digital sales declined. So we wanted to provide a guide for the greatest list of vinyl shops on earth. You may have seen some of these lists elsewhere. But with a couple of exceptions, directly impact public district funds in the thousands of dollars all under George’s direction. What really was an eye opener to me last week after a mandatory meeting on 3-14-2012 between Frank Fun, disappointment and chagrin at some of the practices which are prevalent in the District. The high levels of feelings … is readily apparent. The statements are generally well organized, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION COMPREHENSIVE AUDIT 3 ? There is a perception that favoritism and power politics were the pathway for upward mobility. ? Membership in a minority group or low status job resu, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION COMPREHENSIVE AUDIT 3 thoughtful, DIVISION HEADS, documents same page to right scvwd.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=3&clip_id=962 bullying, does no one care about wasteful Tax spending, DOES NOT REPAIR THE 12X16 CUT OUTS, don’t forget tomorrow’s deadline to report on the cost to upgrade the A/V system. George Kamenjati Please check for Audio Video resource availabilities on our Web-Calendar when planning for meetin, dont you think a room that has 80% new equipment in it would be just fine in the time of need for money to be spent elsewhere? like water, Dubai According to Time Out Dubai, DVI, EARPIECE, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use http://scvwd.granicus.com/MediaPlayer… item 1.4 not if #SCVWD DID NOT WASTE MONEY ON UNNEEDED ELECTRONICS, electric, ELECTRIC/CONDUIT, email cut off, etc the manages run amok did you see the pdf, ethics, EVEN BEAU(CEO) LIES???? LOOK UP HOW MUCH MONEY THEY PAY OUT LAWSUITS, even in a drought, even though as the SR IT tech i had spent another 20k on hardware that sits, even though ever computer can do it now, EVEN THOUGH HE HAD INSURANCE……ITS A SHAME THE LEAD AGENCY SCVWD OR VALLEYWATER.ORG DOES NOTHING BUT SPEND A MILLION PLUS TO BUILD ANOTHER BOARD ROOM EVEN THOUGH ITS STATE OF THE ART. they come up , even though this same papers are given to the public at ever meeting on any job. that was in 2012 there is 60k worth of gear in the warehouse unused untouched as the new manager does not want to deal , everyone will tell you to go to Grimey’s. Where you should really go is Tubbs’, EX DIRECTORS, firings, floride, FOIA request, fon Prlorlly DivtSiON I • I Unit I Unit M.n., food and expenses go unchecked. even my medical records were told to many at the district, FRANK AND GEORGE TELL ABOUT THE BOARDROOM NEEDING A 1 MILLION DOLLAR REBUILD, fraud, from The Smiths to Joy Division and New Order. As Morrissey wrote in his recent autobiography, front/rear table) and many others. Digital cat 5, Ga. The shop that launched a thousand indie bands, George and myself is not working out ok, George decided to purchase one instead. · Public Address Speaker was purchased when I emailed it needs to be sent in for repair. Thousands were spent and we could have sent in for repair or purchased, George did not need to purchase a new one as their was no urgency and we have other options, george kamenjati, george Kamenjati no nothings, George never replied back to me. In the past when I been out both Ray and I were in contact when questions came up so we could be on the same page, go back and see beaus feed back he and others talk 2ft form mic and sideways that’s 1/4 gain into a microphone voting system will integrate into existing amx control system, going to be junked for new ones, Grand Prairie (near Dallas), granicaus, grievances, harassment, having operated out of one location or another in Cardiff since 1894, HDMI, HDMI or provisions for all?? From: George Kamenjati Sent: Thursday, he got these from George himself when he was already aware that I have the updated correct ones. If there was any questioning that George had regarding projects a simple email or phone call should hav, he responded how much? Frank then sent the attachment for the amount of $325, he said it was mandatory and so I met with him. He started out the meeting like he was going to give me my walking papers • this whole situation between you, he said its very suspicious, he said no more and email George only. This is very odd as Bill Knoff/ Seth Johnson always kept staff updated with the AV system from Paul’s input and mine. On 3-3/18/2012 George reported out at our, he was was talking to us both and said that “there is a lot of configuration that can be used but you guys don’t utilize about 80% of the system, hiring of kin, hold the public hearing, how can a design happen if we don’t know about the front table, http://cf.valleywater.org/About_Us/Bo…, http://cf.valleywater.org/About_Us/Bo…http://scvwd.granicus.com/MediaPlayer… item 1.4 http://valleywaterwatchdog.org/ http://kamenjati.yolasite.com/links.php This isn’t the 1st.or Last Time; Pig, http://scvwd.granicus.com/MediaPlayer… item 1.4 http://scvwd.granicus.com/MediaPlayer… MORE CREEK WERE IF THEY DO TAKE THE GARBAGE, http://www.businessinsider.com/the-greatest-record-stores-in-the-world-2014-2, http://www.takepart.com/article/2014/07/15/nestle-arrowhead-cabazon-california-drought?cmpid=organic-share-twitter WHERE IS THE LEAD AGENCY @SCVWD THE GOLDEN SPIGOT ON THIS, huge valve radios and other long outdated formats for playing music. The walls are lined with Egyptian film posters and portraits of stars such as Umm Kulthum and Abdul el-Halim Hafez, I always answer my work phone ( George took my phone away also) Ray has informed me that the new alv temp has been working from the blue prints that are not updated, I COULD NOT GET LAST 3 PAGES Santa Clara Valley Water District March 25, I emailed Penny Larussa and she was not aware and questioned Why. If it was not for me inquiring it would not been addressed, I got a chance to look at it, I have reported out camera issues recently, i have wrote news, I just need approximate list of hardware and cost, i recommend repair) We have 2 other DSR that do the same thing and no need to spend upwards of 4k or more for a new one with all the bells and whistles that he is asking for. All we do is record to th, I then asked Frank did Charles not know that George had directed us not to repair or troubleshoot? He just got all flustered and said he is not going to discuss that with me. Half way thru the meeting, I was to report to the aJv temp when I was allowed to return to work briefly, I was told if they could not find any work for me they could not accommodate me, I will take this info and come up with a (i.e larger view) for you. Already based on having the equipment in 131, i wrote FBI, I’m not asking you to DETAIL the design; for now I just need a MACRO view (i.e. larger view) of the system. From: George Kamenjati Sent: Thursday, Iceland All of the best classical recordings in the world appear to have been packed up and moved here, if Granicus is successful which it is 99% of the time we just record over the tapes. There is no additional need for it to be on network etc. More unnecessary spending from him. We have all the emails, if it does we capture the back up tape and transfer it to Granicus, if this is hard for you to figure out on your own, If this is something you can’t do please let me know asap and I’ll manage. George Kamenjati 3 Please check for Audio Video resource availabilities on our Web-Calendar when planning for meetings or, in the boardroom. I reported out like i usually do. George emailed Michelle King to let her know that the av budget did not got thru and that was forwarded to Beau, in which I emailed you Jan 2, incisive and required extensive time to present in written form.” source: 1996 Employee Organization Climate Survey p 11. . Analysis of write in comments and interviews resulted in the findings list, installation and cO’ replacement of the HQ boardroom .udlo…..ldeo (AV) system. The HQ bo.rdroom AV system was bulrt In 1999 “nd hIS reilched It’ end of life. The businen Imp.et 0′ nOI fundin, INSTEAD OF MOVING THE PROBLEM USE THE MILLIONS TO HOUSE THEM AND GET JOBS, INSTEAD THEY SPEND MONEY ON LAWSUITS, INTIMIDATION, is how perceived difficulties in the management of employee/supervisor relationships and perceived weaknesses in HR policies, IT GONEwILD valleywater.org/MissionVisionValues.aspx, it has put the Directors and District Staff as well since they are the ones having to use it and I am pretty sure they are unaware of IT management directions. Dlvi, it is now getting underway, its a church in there not a board room. the golden place is just that a pit. Every piece is or has an ip address so the it manager can snoop, its another bloated agency the golden spigot http://scvwd.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=3&clip_id=1043 ravi acting unit manager timestamp 3.10 sept 10 13 one ravi is just acting, just a water agency get voted in with 500 votes, lack of confidentiality. ? Affirmative Action Office – was perceived not to be objective and to have total control for all job actions. ? There were overt acts of racial or sexual discrimination. Th, Lagos, LAND CREEP AND WATER, let go for telling the truth. we have even more emails, lies, LIFE More: Music 18 Record Stores Every Music Lover Needs To Visit At Least Once ROB WILE FEB. 6, lighted, LIKE AUDIT 2012., like the brand new speakers that were purchased ( 4 Mackie speakers are sitting in our warehouse unused) over a year ago. • 3-26-2012. Just today at our Boardmeeting when I came in after my training, lmp.et TNininl ……… This project provides for the progr.mmlng, longer mics, look in the store room untouched equipment, managers lie, Manchester, Maple and B-108. The ~C seems very questionable also. I designed the aJv system for the EOC ( design was approved by Extron), MATV, MAYBE NOT AT SCVWD, MEALS, Memphis Generally regarded as the greatest collection of Memphis blues discs in the city. shangri la records theogeo/flickr 13) Jazzhole, mic are to be used to talk straight into. check scvwd record on lawsuits, Mike the NV temp troubleshooted the rack but came up with nothing. Riverview came out and a few hours later found out that the problem was 2 wires to the antennas we not plugged in (a simple secure co, MILLIONS ON UNNEEDED BOARD ROOM( TALK INTO THE MIC, most if not all equipment has been replaced check dates and prs, Nashville Again, new design and new parts to be ordered. · Maple Room cancelled last year by George, New Orleans Home to the greatest collection of New Orleans jazz, new wireless, news reporting, Nigeria Serving all your Afrobeat and Fela Kuti needs. Also has frequent live in-store performances. jazzhole Haco de Ridder 14) Submerge, no follow up · Vendors called If general maintenance from onsite av staff would happen it would have prevented recent issues we were having including the following with Chair LeZotte mic ( vendor fou, no issue with that even thou there are witnesses, no more comp time, no reason given to this day, NOT 3 MILES FROM IT) IS THE MAJOR ISSUE, notice the cable Management, October 06, of staff believed supervisors are able to deal with people from diverse backgrounds and treat people fair and equitably. However, OH THAT’S RIGHT THEY WANT TO SPEND ANOTHER MILLION OF TAX PAYER MONEY TO BUILD ANOTHER BOARD ROOM, OHM is “the first store in the Middle East and South Asia to carry vinyl.” Presumably they mean modern music on vinyl — Beirut has a long, on there valley.org site if not ask, one of the issues he came across was a video cable that was not plugged in, OR A NEW 1 MILLION DOLLAR BOARD ROOM AND OTHER WASTE LIKE PAYING OFF EX EMPLOYEES AND LAWSUITS.. #SCVWD @SCVWD#VALLEYWATER.ORG #GOLDENSPIGOT #H20#DROUGHTBAYAREA #GEORGEKAMENJATI #FRANKFUNG #BEAUGOLDIE, or allow adjustments, or do not worry about that? Any idea’s you have please pass them along. The links are for info only. http://www.amx.com/products!categoryTouchPaneIs.asp http://www.amx.com/products/Optima HDIVII.asp, or golden spigot as they waste tax money when they should go to water. now they say the boardroom does not work, or HDMI with vga inputs? You Decide what is best, or what the room will look like.(podium, ordered parts, over 1 million has been spent on the old board room, overtime, paid $60, PART IS BELOW AS IS THE LIES RAVI, paying for hearing aids, PAYING OFF EX DIRECTORS, pdf to upper management and more ….. regarding new board room, personal medical records disclosure, pgoeltzrebloggedpgoeltz “@VALLEYWATER Boardroom upgrade- #SCVWD public hearing July 9th agenda routing for 8/12 Board, please let me know asap. To summarize, PO, Podium c. 9 Dias Seats d, podium etc. Next week is free except Monday am Steve is calling back in, Pre function rid of the old crt or keep them I rely on your expertise what is best, procedures, ranging from design and maintenance; he is the unit’s main audio video technical reference” “1 assured him my appreciation of his technical talents, ravi claims overhead speakers are the problem, rear table, recording, Rejkavik, Remember you are the senior tech. As there will require lots of cable and extenders, retaliation on other IT workers who are to afraid to talk, rich history of incredible east-west crossover productions — but the place seems chill. ohm records OHM/Facebook 9) Spacehall, Richard Santos, RS232 Cable- right) March 20, sad thing is they listen to themselves, scholarship, scvwd, scvwd.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=3&clip_id=962 item 1.4 scvwd.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=3&clip_id=962 MORE CREEK WERE IF THEY DO TAKE THE GARBAGE, September 08, showing collusion by management, sideways, so I figured I troublsehoot on the spot and did a simple procedure that seem to fix it, so I hope that does not dilute this letter and only one needs to look at Georges management I PR forms the uncompleted work and purchased parts that are still sitting there and money spent- waste and , some emails not responded to from George and Frank, SPEWING HIS RACIST BS. EVEN THE RACIST’S SPEW GARBAGE. ITS A SHAME THE LEAD AGENCY SCVWD OR VALLEYWATER.ORG DOES NOTHING BUT SPEND A MILLION PLUS TO BUILD ANOTHER BOARD ROOM EVEN THOUGH ITS STATE OF, SPEWING HIS RACIST BS. EVEN THE RACIST’S SPEW GARBAGE. SAD THING IS THEY ARE NOT COUNTING DISTRICT TIME, STAFF. scvwd golden spigot, stealing, stealing software, Stephen was paid for this also. (Just recently because of not securing av company George finally had to contact him when we had issues) Royal a vendor ( a Telecom company not a AN company) that was us, still no acknowledge from George as why it was cancelled first place. · 8-108 parts ordered work cancelled · Podium: A brand new Boardroom podium was purchased instead of having our carpenter Scott , tandberg integrated with a system, tax waste etc. it might be longer than 150 words but you may delete. ask me for what ever files you need…… ALSO THE STORY http://www.nbcbayarea.com/investigations/Toxic-Plumes-The-Dark-Side-of-Sil, teaching, Texas Just look at it: 11, that does not include conduit, that meeting shined a light on my questioning of thinking that George’s decisions for aJv staff to not troubleshoot or repair even the smallest items or outstanding repair items that he was trying t, that trlis is the third cable he has found unplugged. At the very end, that will add a considerable cost. Does 131 have room for 3 racks, the alv components were to be plugged into these units to power down nightly and on the weekends to reduce heat and wear and tear. These have been sitting upstairs for over 6 months or more. Stephen A, the bosses tell the big boss nothing but lies, the cables are just lying behind the rack on the floor making it impossible to go behind the rack with out stepping on these. In the front of the rack there was a cable coiled up together with one tha, the conflict is ravi, The End user or stake holders will be engaged when the Consultant comes in, THE golden palace better known as the golden spigot. 1/2 there money is tax, the managers are paid to be there but everyday 1-2 hr lunch when 30 is the norm. After i spoke and even before i tried to slow down the waste, the new design is almost the same as old, the Nightingale of the Nile. I buy a (literally) dusty pile of albums by the former and Joost buys some jazz 7″s. I waver dangerously for a second when [the proprietor] offers to sell me one of the ma, the old system is sent through the building, the older board do not want hearing aids that said the person next to Santos cannot be in that speaker, the politically active wing of Detroit’s techno scene. Also home of the greatest collection of Detroit techno and electronic records in the world. detroit submerge Submerge 15) Rotate This, the real home of country. earnest tubbs Google Maps 18) 12 Tónar, the remote gear all brand new tossed, the rest federal, the system except racks were built in 97 everything has been replaced, the system is a mix minus, the tape was stuck, the tech is not 16yrs old just wanting to sell equipment, the tech there now refuses to have anything to do with the new room which they claim 250k, THE TREE’S GO, then does it himself or intercepts av tickets to micromanage and take the lead) He is already to purchase a new one with­ ought me taking a look at it ( even though we are told no troubleshooting). I, then they could not accommodate me on new hours. All parts for that project are still sitting in the Winfield warehouse. A redesign has happened with my initial design and parts scrapped. the result i, there is 1/2 your issue. Along with not adjusting maintenance . foia these docs Boardroom Modernization Plan ( which is 4th boardroom) from 2000) Scvwd Av Design Stakeholder Matrix then go see what wr, there is a lot of redundancy with the system and he went on to say that a lot of these problems that we are having could be solved if there was communication between each other.” Paul: Redundancy li, there is many willing to talk, there is so many variables. Please don’t assign tickets until then. From: George Kamenjati Sent: Thursday, there won’t be much overlap. Our list is based on a combination of aesthetics and the exclusivity of their holdings. You won’t find L.A.’s Amoeba, they are nothing but in calif, they are sneaking this through no public comment, THEY EVEN BOUGHT SIG SANCHEZ, they have not let myself nor the other tech fix anything or adjust so there is problems thousands of brand new equipment will be tossed, they have over 20k in equipment sitting not installed, they have wire pulled out to make it look bad, they hire million dollar lawyers??? own a house its your tax. ask to see the audit 2012 about how staff is treated, THEY JUST NEED TO MAKE ADJUSTMENT, they will release no foia docs, this has probably made it the great classical outlet on the planet. 12 tonar 12 Tonar SEE ALSO: 18 Bookstores Every Book Lover Must Visit At Least Once FACEBOOK LINKEDIN TWITTER GOOGLE+ EMAIL Recommen, this is the attitude at the district. reads the 2012 diversity audit about management, this is to keep wasting tax dollars, this is where you want to go. big oomp Google Maps 17) Ernest Tubbs, this is your sport. the thing Youtube 8) OHM, this was in sharp contrast to being able to handle issues if problems arose when the confidence level in supervisors fell to 18%. “A study of employee’s write-in comments provides poignant example, this was supposed to fix the camera issues we were having, this would have prevented that. Controller and programmer work paid · Positrack camera controller was purchased but cannot be used due to the PTE not installed · COB AV AMX panel still out and not r, those were removed, time will tell. I did so because we were live and in a situation. ) I Director Santos touch screen going off (I changed the sleep mode from 5 min. To 15 min) · PTE Camera controller not installed, to analyze the data on staff in terms of composition, to develop accountability systems for managers in terms of employee productivity, to put them there. They should go behind the av area. DVI, to this tiny house at the top of the world. According to classical authority Gramophone, Tokyo The last one left on Earth! tower records Dick Thomas Johnson/flickr 11) Louisiana Music Factory, tools AMX parts) that was cancelled. PTE camera controller for our main camera was bought this is sitting in admin still, Toronto This tiny shop helped fuel the careers of Canada’s greatest indie bands including Broken Social Scene and F*** Up. rotate this Google Maps 16) Big Oomp, UK The place that gave the world England’s greatest indie bands, unless addressed by the leadership may become the Achilles heel for a well situated and financially solvent organization. These issues are not likely to disappear over time or through attrition. .. Th, unnecessary spending under the direction of George Kamenjati and Frank Fung that impacts District public funds. I’m going to start from this past October when I went on medical leave and there were , unreported crane wrecks, VC put in 08 tandberg never used, video, video conferencing(over 55k) used once, Wales Spillers lays claim to being the oldest record shop in the world, WASTE, WASTE OF TAX$$$$ http://cf.valleywater.org/About_Us/Board_of_directors/Board_meetings/_2012_Published_Meetings//MG47843/AS47844/AS47848/AI49234/DO49236/1.PDF SCVWD AUDIT 2012 BOARDROOM REBUILD LINK Po, WASTE OF TAX$$$$” — COMING SOON FULL STORY ASK I AND WILL TELL WERE WASTE IS ANOTHER 1 MILLION DURING DROUGHT @VALLEYWATER Boardroom upgrade- #SCVWD public hearing July 9th agenda routing for 8/12, water agency fraud is terrible. lies after lies, wax phonograph cylinders and shellac phonograph discs. spillers records Spillers/Facebook 2) Picadilly Records, we are not going to ask the end user what they want need? Or we are just designing a room for digital use? What about recording, we can Do the in between building later (provision for it) 3- Don’t make it more complex than what it is, we complained to 22 managers, we spent over 250k last 10 yrs in improvements, we were asked by George to trouble shoot and I did with the software avoiding the rack due to it being a mess, were funds should be for water. dec 11th 2012 item 1.4 public comment were i bring items to light. pdf or more doc i can supply or ask them. http://cf.valleywater.org/About_Us/Board_of_directors/Board, when I get a chance. Around 2 pm I was informed from the other av tech that George was already looking for one ( he does this constantly, when it sold phonographs, WHEN THE MANAGER TOLD THE TECHS NOT TO TOUCH OR REPAIR ANYTHING SO THEY CAN REPLACE IT EVEN THOUGH ITS 85% NEW Santa Clara Valley Water District WANT EMAILS, when they have insurance, When you make the list please put hyperlink to each product specs, which I had sent before, which is called the golden palace, which one, who do you tell about them buying ear pieces for board members, who gets pc’s, who was paid by George 2 years ago. None of these took place: these include the Boardroom, why gk ordered us not to touch or fix a thing, WITH DROUGHT THEY JUST SPEND TO KEEP THE WAR MACHINE GOING. http://valleywaterwatchdog.org/ Boardroom Modernization Plan Scvwd Av Design Stakeholder Matrix BUT LIKE NSA ALL BASED ON LIES………. why, wood work, WOODWORK ETC ETC….. THIS IS THE GOLDEN SPIGOT AT IT FINEST HOUR, wrote feinstein, you are the expert Senior tech. probably it will be a combination. Again, you can sue them if your unclassified as they make 250k plus and can afford legal . The video below at item 1.4 you can also get the enclosed pdf we submitted, you have to work when they say, you really have no idea? I will try. 1- Of course no satellite, You would think it’s that way, zoe???? who do i talk to, zydeco and big band music in the world. louisana music factory Louisiana Music Factory 12) Shangri-La by paul goeltz. Bookmark the permalink. Edit
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