Poroshenko’s ODR – “Operation Disproportionate Revenge” – launched in Lugansk & Donetsk. But only civilian population targeted

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Ukraine government has exhibited a remarkably development: From severe human-rights violations to blunt war crimes.

The above meaning that “West democracies”, e.g. USA, or Sweden, the countries which back the Ukraine government most fervently, also exhibit the same remarkably development by fueling such anti-humanity criminal behaviour, by not condemning it, by justifying it.See for instance The US State Department publicly endorses Ukraine’s “every right” to aerial bombing the ethnic-Russian population in Donbass. Or the Swedish Foreign minister Carl Bildt publicly endorsing the use of force by the Ukraine Junta in Donbass (Carl Bildt, violence fetishist).

fascimil porosjengo od TO BLOGGr


 “Operation Disproportionte Revenge” declaration of principles:

ODR declaration of principles kgvQ.jpg_large


Civilian targets in Lugansk

bus terminal XCUAEelsI.jpg_largekirova 24

woman decapitated AEwH0u.jpg_large


Civilian targets in Donetsk

For further details and images go to Documenting war crimes in East Ukraine. A whole family massacred. WARNING for horrifying image!

donest massacre 12 julydonetsk family 2

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