Odessa massacre hearing at EU Parliament in Brussels sabotaged by Maidan activists brought from Kiev.

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The hearing took place recently at the Europe Parliament in Brussels, on July 9, 2014. Witnesses from Odessa tried to put forward their testimonies. They were however blocked by the coordinated screaming of Maidan activists brought from Kiev. The horrible happenings in Odessa are reported by The Professors’ Blog in The Ukraine fascists’ Odessa massacre of 2 May 2014. Updated evidence. Others deplorable carnage of that month indexed in Ukraine Fascists: Three massacres in only one month

. See video down below with the reportage on the Brussels incidents.

Maidan activists from fiev sabotage EU Parliament hearing on Odessa massacre

Bruxelles,Odesa2Above: Tatiana Zhdanok, EuroParliament Depute from Latvia, initiates the hearing on the tragedy in Odessa at Europe Parliament.  Oh the screenshot, she is trying to calm Kiev delegation down by saying: “Please turn off your microphone” while the witness is testifying.

Bruxelles,Odessa4image above: Elena Padzikhovskaya (in black), mother of killed 17-years old Andrey Brazhevskiy and a historian from Odessa…

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