• Key data with a mouse hover

    Highlights members of Congress on any webpage. Hover over name and popup will open. It contains total contributions, small donations of ≤ $200, and industry breakdown from the last full election cycle. For small donations, highlights percentages as follows: ≤5%5-10%≥10% and provides rank #__ for the top 50 members of Congress.

  • Easy links to more info

    Click on the name in the popup to get the latest 2014 contribution data Click on  or  to see which campaign finance reform bills each member of Congress supports Click on the small donor percentage for a ranked list of all members of Congress.

  • Simple drop down list

    Currently for Safari only, Greenhouse installs a $ button in the toolbar. Simply press the button and type a name or scroll to find any member of Congress. Hover over a name and popup will open. Provides access to the data whenever you need it.


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