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  2. Santa Clara Valley Water District #SCVWD

    DEC 11TH ITEM 1.4 http://scvwd.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=3&clip_id=962



    only equipment racks are that old everything else is state of the art , or would be if not ordered to not repair(GK), replace or touch things,(GK) the oldest items no more than 6yrs yrs old,,, the amplifiers, which do the same job today as 17yrs ago, VC, was new until told to take it out and taken home, now they want another.. last 10yrs over 100-150k in upgrades, 20k-30k in new items waiting to be installed but told don’t touch a thing have emails etc , they say it will cost 250k during a water drought, but that does not count scvwd staff, electrical, woodwork, concrete, that adds another 500k which is not being disclosed. this is why they call scvwd the golden palace the boardroom is not a BR but a church, they built a shrine not a usable room, equipment is and will not be located in a good location. Ravi try to paint the picture that its all old that why there is feed back, look at the tapes they speak sideways into microphones, 2 ft away this causes feedback, but claims speakers above there heads, which i saw day one in 2001 and removed, a sound and video system is like a rock concert, its needs adjusting, members told how to use a mic but we are not allowed, they more position, but settings are not changed. there is proof that if we are let to do are jobs, instead of managers running amok making up lies to keep funding up??? they approved all ready 70k for study and are ready to bid , when it was all there, of GK had it taken out to look or sound bad, 20k in new equipment untouched, 10k software contract just given away, work never done, wires pulled out to make even bigger mess, they want to replace everything, but nothing needs replacing, just fixing or adjusting, a control board to control system over 10k still sitting at contractors, they want a whole new system(control) as the one there does not have it but i showed gk with a monitor change and software written it can use the existing amx control, which i bought for this purpose , it can be upgraded.

    below is old but has the video of ravi and time stamp about 2.37 to 3.10 lying, and the video of me making a plea to the board about waste, and why now one cared about gk releasing my records, i have emails, and wittiness, read audit 2012 about how management works there and you see they run and use tax dollars there way, they declined my FOIA request on grounds these are notes, when any other project is open to the public, copies made etc, but because i told they say they dot do that and i have to wait till bidding and 700k is lost, what public interest is that.
    OR LET THE TECH FIX THINGS AS WE WERE TOLD NOT TO FIX A THING SO THEY CAN PUSH THIS THOUGH, the new design is almost the same as old, 3 docs to get your hands on…… they don’t even speak into the microphone but 2-3 ft away, sideways, there is 1/2 your issue. Along with not adjusting maintenance .
    then go see what wrong with the old, they have over 20k in equipment sitting not installed, 10k in paid software contracts unused due to 2 managers just trying to keep IT funding up. (thats you/my money)

    Look in the av storeroom over 40k in equipment used 1-3 times????

    please call any questions,


    615 orvis ave

    san jose ca 95112

    paul goeltz

    own a house its your tax.


    ravi acting unit manager timestamp 2.37- 3.10 sept 10 13 one rave is just acting, the system except racks were built in 97 everything has been replaced, go back and see beaus feed back he and others talk 2ft form mic and sideways that’s 1/4 gain into a microphone voting system will integrate into existing amx control system, the system is a mix minus, the older board do not want hearing aids that said the person next to Santos cannot be in that speaker, most if not all equipment has been replaced check dates and prs, this is to keep wasting tax dollars, they have not let myself nor the other tech fix anything or adjust so there is problems thousands of brand new equipment will be tossed, the remote gear all brand new tossed, all it takes is xap adjustments and proper mic use, but we are not allowed to talk to the board, they have wire pulled out to make it look bad, the tech there now refuses to have anything to do with the new room which they claim 250k, that does not include conduit, electric, wood work,cement and in house personal. call if you wish its your money and mine, but this is all to keep funding up. I put over 100k in new gear in there from 2000 on, look in the store room untouched equipment,

    Every piece is or has an ip address so the it manager can snoop, but really for making adjustments outside the room or @ home.

    Its a public room i can show you everything that needs adjusting or replace with equipment bought soon to be junked, sad thing is they listen to themselves, but refuse to show directors how to talk into a microphone, or allow adjustments, we spent over 250k last 10 yrs in improvements, longer mics, lighted, a control system that voting can be added to, new wireless, video conferencing(over 55k)and still state of art…. used once, but taken out so they can say we don’t have it, even though ever computer can do it now, tandberg integrated with a system, ravi claims overhead speakers are the problem, those were removed, 10 yrs ago, Beyer intercoms were bought 50k for committee meeting, going to be junked for new ones, 80% of what is there is new and usable with adjustments and proper mic use, mic are to be used to talk straight into. check scvwd record on lawsuits, firings, and other issues, building parks next to directors house, paying for hearing aids, food and expenses go uncheck. even my medical records were told to many at the district, but that was ok, no issue with that even thou there are witnesses, harassment, retaliation on other IT workers who are to afraid to talk, this is the attitude at the district.

    reads the 2012 diversity audit about management, you can sue them if your unclassified as they make 250k plus and can afford legal . The video below at item 1.4 you can also get the enclosed pdf we submitted, on there



    site if not ask, we complained to 22 managers, but after reading the audit i see why they do nothing, over 1 million has been spent on the old board room, which is called the golden palace, or golden spigot as they waste tax money when they should go to water. now they say the boardroom does not work, why gk ordered us not to touch or fix a thing, even though as the SR IT tech i had spent another 20k-30k on hardware that sits, 10k in software contracts we were told to forget about. the bidding paperwork is almost done, they will not release no foia docs, even though this same papers are given to the public at ever meeting on any job. that was in 2012 there is 60k worth of gear in the warehouse unused untouched as the new manager does not want to deal with it???? upgraded mixing system and other gear to be on internet in 06 still best equipment, VC put in 08 tandberg never used, and taken out so GK could say we don’t have it(57k) the room is a church not a board room 100k camera for streaming being junked, a amx video controller with joy stick 20k, bought 2012 junked, the bosses tell the big boss nothing but lies, the managers are paid to be there but everyday 1-2 hr lunch when 30 is the norm. After i spoke and even before i tried to slow down the waste, but they have ways to keep tax payer funding high, even in a drought, were funds should be for water.
    All you have to do is ask me and i will tell you the truth. There is parts, contracts, VC, voting software, flat panels, etc, waiting but either tossed of surplussed so IT managers can keep the money flowing. If i and or tech would have b een allowed to adjust and install purchased equipment( and GK letting Beau know) whats going on, there would be no issue, there is almost 40k of new equipment, software, contracts with Anderson, he has been paid, but work told to stop by GK, he also has a repaired panel. GK has the video conf system still the best there is, and we had a demo showing the existing AMX will work for voting, etc with minor upgrades, there is already a beyer conference system, why buy another. Bottom line is your managers have been lying to you, equipment and fixes were in place before GK violated my personnel information, and i spoke before the board, we also went to many executive officers who did nothing, There is nothing wrong with anything in the boardroom, a few adjustments, installed the bought equipment, order some AMX software and hardware to have voting, get a AV wiring company not the SCVWD telco vendor to do the wiring, I will help for free, and return the as builds that GK refused to let anyone come to my house to pick them up, or the 126 keys i have either. You have a great place to work, but have a few IT managers that ruined the party for all, and to back that up ask ethics, review the 2012 audit, or look at your Boardroom, let the techs do there job.

    dec 11th 2012 item 1.4 public comment were i bring items to light. pdf or more doc i can supply or ask them.


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