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43 North buys Quigley parcel for special needs home

Marie Cochran

Nonprofit geared toward independence and security

A group of concerned parents got one step closer to realizing their dream of providing a stable residential home for intellectually disabled individuals with the purchase of a one-acre lot at Quigley farm this week.

Last year, they petitioned the city of Hailey to amend its building code to allow the facility in a residential zone. This month, they are closer to building it.

“We are dedicated to offering an environment of inclusivity and empowerment so that our residents may achieve maximum independence and quality of life as members of our community,” said Marie Cochran, the mother of 19-year-old special needs student Emma Cochran.

Cochran and her friends Tifny Lago and Cori Mooney share the worries and challenges that come with having a child with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They joined forces about two years ago to find a way to ensure that their children would be cared for if they were no longer able to provide care themselves.

“Where would they live, who would take care of them after we were no longer able to, would they have friends, and what would their quality of life be?” Cochran said.

The solution was to build a residential facility that would shelter these individuals if and when it became necessary, as often happens when young people choose to leave their home and start making a life for themselves.

43 North (named for the latitude of the Wood River Valley) has raised $407,000 so far from friends and special needs parents in the valley. They spent $275,000 on the lot where they plan to build a 12-room $3.5 million facility.

Cochran said that without a facility like the one planned by 43 North, people like her daughter Emma would have no local residential options when they grow up, other than living at home or moving to a care facility outside the community.

“As parents, we may not outlive them, so we need to find a secure place for them in this community,” she said.

Continued fundraising and business planning are underway, Cochran said, with building plans and renderings being drawn up by local architect Jolyon Sawrey.

“Most of these rooms will be reserved for individuals who have grown up in the Wood River Valley and whose families are here to stay,” Cochran said. “These will be full time residents.”

Cochran said at least one room will be reserved for short term stays in case someone needs a place for their loved one to stay while they need to leave town, or if a visitor has a family member that would benefit from a stay at 43 North while they are in the valley.

Cochran said the Wood River Valley is an ideal place for such a supported living community.

“The Wood River Valley has a support network that outranks any other community we have experienced,” she said. “We moved here or we stayed here because of the vast resources available for families like ours. This beautiful place is where our kids were raised and where they call home. Over their entire lives, they have built relationships with community members, employers, volunteer organizations, and have enjoyed all that our valley has to offer. They are truly our local heroes.”

Cochran said realtor Sheila Liermann helped in the acquisition of the property and helped during a rewrite of the proposed zoning code change to ensure the facility’s long-term feasibility.

“A shout out to David Hennessy [Quigley Farm developer] for the great community he is developing and for cheering us on in our endeavor,” Cochran said.

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Email the writer: listen to this?? pain whats really going on Tylenol (IV) as strong as morphine but its under patent, so we cant have it, and Docs dont know?



Chat conversation start
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Insurance company

paul goeltz 096cccc63 is social, and out of state, so special CS, heck they try, but i think i spend to much money and cutting cost to pay the ceo seem to be of more importance then helping ppl

btw i’m half dead from lack of case management, ur doctors that deny my back the right ops, meds, now i guess my pain meds is a no no so retire have to pay 30 its all profit so that fat white man can make 35 million dont worry the world will see it all, you all should be ashamed at your corupt industry money over health

Thank you for supplying your info, Paul. One of our Specialists will reach out shortly to assist. – SR

and thank for calling, but we had to hang up as i was waiting forBS of ca to call, she said she would call back yesterday was here all day, will be back here today, after pt so after10.30am MT
and no call so maybe u can let them know here latter today..

I apologize for missing our call yesterday. I’ll call you after 10:30 today. – Krista

well here we are 6 months later almost dead still zero
@BlueShieldCA thanks claiming to #care #fastservice #CustomerService &blah blah blah, i have been trying 2get treetment 4almost a yr, ur #contractor doing #casemanagement has no clue, ur #phone reps dont call back, i dont think BS cares if i live or die its all #money and #F me.
ask Esperanza Ramos RN she can explain how sick ur case mangement is and how mr goelts is stuck in the middle of hell and getting nothing
well i can start going to the er every 2 days that will cost about 100k real quick
as ur call center says all the help is at the er they will help[ you and call us to figure out what to do with you, thats from ur call center

anotherday waiting while BS and records and doctors try to figure out why or how paul can use benifits in both medical and mental, oh no, if we?BS keep hold off and FOOLING HIM WE WILL NOT HAVE TO PSAY AND CEO MAKES MILLIONS AND GETS GRT MEDICAL CARE, WELL STILL WAITING

We’re sorry for your frustration. A Specialist will reach out to you shortly. – Jessica
Hi Paul. I’ve reviewed your policy and see that you’re trying to receive inpatient detox care. I also see that your case manager Esperanza is currently out of the office, which is why she hasn’t reached out to you. In some of your case notes I see that you stated the appeal filed on your behalf is incorrect. Can you please clarify if this is true? The appeal was assigned to a coordinator this morning, so if I need to remove the appeal I can. Also, if you could clarify exactly what you are wanting, I can work with your case manager to get you the required treatment. Please let me know as soon as possible. – Cortney
more than that if you want to talk call pls
i dont have a case manager
they were fired as no brains

fyi Esperanza is not my case managedr she is trying to help after seeing the messing your case management co got me in, i have no case manager, and i need one to work both side of this medical and mental, So shortly is that longer than 3 hrs? yes the appeal that was filed is all wrong, meanwhile that much closer to death, hope everyone is getting a good laugh
no you dont need to remove tghe appeal it should have been filed a month ago as i called to file and the lady did nothing not even contact esEsperanza , and the grievence filed is wrong, i dont have time for this i needed help almost a yr ago when does this stop
per doc kemple i need a level 4 detox or better, and admit in to a pain program such as siera tuscon, hohn hopkins miami jewish health this all are for pain ppeole not drug addicts, while i explain this for the 300th time why dont you ask sherly jones who screwed it all up and that case management co
hello anyone calling so i can blab for 302 times to see if i can get help

Hi Paul. Your case has been escalated to upper management. You should be receiving an answer from them by Tuesday. We have our very best working on your case. – Cortney


on Wed, May 1, 2019 at 10:00 AM paul goeltz <> wrote:

Attn: Carmen G.”/  Cortney W.

So the grievance is all wrong, those are not my words. the program if opened

1 per doc kemple i need a medical detox 4 or higher and inpatient pain rehab or best might end up back on a pump, reeading mjh, not sure they do detox and what levels?

there is many pain clinics that are hooked to hospital, for ppl like me with medical conditions.

the couple i gave was my research.

i also want to complain about the company you hired to do case management, they did nothing and left this in a mess.

that said i need case management or help with this.  are you saying in one week if  the codes are not right i will be in the first week of a 5-8 week in patient stay, as the detox is part one learning to try to live with out pain meds are reducing them takes learning, so i might as well shoot myself now, it took a year of begging to get this and now it being forced down my throat, i have talked to no one about any of these places!! Sheryl and that company was to help me decide and make a wise choice but what happened?  so ur saying the hell with Paul  after one week, it gives the hospital no faith in blue shield and they probably will not give me the care i need seeing BS want to still play games.

Another part is why no case manager/ i don’t know how when I’m out of it both detoxing and with out pain meds, you can get me out and who will fight for me,  you tell ppl don’t should NOT! make decision when on opiates, well over 20 yrs so your asking me to make a life decision even though it bad a dangerous//??  why is this all messed up you ask us to make the bad decision even though you know your to help??

if this is what there is, your blue shield doctors don’t talk, how do you sign them up, this is real said, messing with ppl life’s here, no case, you figure it out goeltz, i have been but now its all wrong, well the best is after a week when they boot me, i;ll go er to er.  so what about the case manager telling me to go to drug and booze detox, for 2 months she had me calling those places and listing to there lies you’ll be fine with the serenity bed etc, and Sheryl just said yes to everything, like she had to help another person with one place, does it not take 3-5 place to make an informed decision??  i wanted kemples medical necessity letter and records sent to 5 to make the right choice for me and bs so you get value.  you should be a part that what Sheryl was do do not just chicken out.  maybe not best fit, but maybe lowball for you and no one has even compared them, does BS not want whats best??

so it appears all the help for a week in a long program, is just insane? is the bottom line the only thing BS of ca cares about.


It’s important to know that detox alone will not solve a drug use problem. Some individuals find that once they have successfully completed detox, they still need to enroll in a program to help them rebuild their life after prescription pain killers. Freedom Model Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that uses self assessment and self change to teach guest to reevaluate their choices and decisions and to make choices that are more productive. Guests learn the importance of forming habits and behaviors that are positive and more purposeful and they realize that they have the power to take back control of their life and to have a life that is permanently free from substance use. see most detox is for abuser, they get to learn to cope and so do i it takes tiome 5-8 weeks to tryiong out different meds, drips, etc, we dont get this right i will be back, i will take this to the highest court.  the boozes and dopers dont have any issues but paul goeltz who omnly takes what is giving noting lost stolen etc, i been told your not hooked so no detox and you can go to any detox and blue shiled will get with the place to decide?? ok what is the plan after detox? is there detox what level, can i pay for higher like 5/

anyway please dont leave me after one week if you want me to go to miami jewish is a program, they are layughing at BS all ready, your showing your card, they know you dont want to pay.  i can say if i dont get into a good program

this just seems like here toss paul a bone and we dont even know if this is right place


so i spoke with a couple doctors< they all came to the same conclusion, BS could care less, and this will make a great best seller, why paul died while trying to get help/   kemple told me he spoke with higher ups there, and going into a program that is 5-8 weeks with just a week approved is a death sentence!
  people detoxing from drugs or booze don’t have to deal with this?
It sounds like MJH does not understand the codes and billing, which would mean me suffering, and having to appeal a program??  Not even sure if MJH does detox, i was told they do from that case management company you hired and relieved??    Did we get all of there case notes??
What happened to or
how can BS pay for drinkers at these places but not a rehab pain patient??
also why cant that company that you hired to do case management help? yes they got tossed off, but that is there job i have the sheet in front of me, it does no say i can have case manger if just using medical or mental, as i had them with just medical, so i demand there help. and a nurse that will help me make informed thoughts ideas etc, this also is in the job description.  there number is 1 866 567 6195, i called them again week ago asking for help and was told they will be in touch this seems to be very common at BS, were laddies say oh we will call back or i will file a grievance and have not … i called 3 times about grievance and the last one went but not my words, 2 ladies did nothing, same with that company, they claim an inability to help.

yes  is paying the ceo over 42 million, meanwhile my pain doctor is trying to get spinal rehab 5-8 weeks inpatient, yes it will cost, but no BS wants to pay there  brass billions, and us the workers we get  sort of like living in  

Help the wounded and the amputees in Gaza

Help the wounded and the amputees in Gaza

The Story

Hi dear
We are a young volunteer group working to help the wounded in the Gaza Strip who were shot by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip
We are working with them first Powell first aid and work the necessary refills for them
We are living in a great ordeal due to a great shortage of medicines and first aid kits for the poor economic situation in Gaza
As has been the case in the Gaza Strip for the past 12 years of a suffocating siege in the Gaza Strip
We hereby wish to assist you
We need a large range of medicines
The first is gauze and iodine
And saline solution
And some other refractories, such as a band of wounds and some masks,  to protect against toxic gases fired by the Israeli army at us
We also visit the wounded in their homes to continue with them and stay in contact with them until they recover from this injury
And examine their wounds
We are a group of volunteer nurses in helping the wounded in the Gaza Strip
Hence we need you to stand with us in this ordeal
Help us help you be great no matter how little you promise it is great for us
thank you
$ 5 is enough to help a person once and first aid to the injured
Every day, 500 wounded and more are injured and they need us
Thank you my dear ones
This is a direct support PayPal account
Or through this campaign

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